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AB-STB Financial Consulting


Great Ideas We help our clients on any issues concerning commercial and legal matters which they require to start or enlarge their business in Turkey by supporting them in day-to-day business activities by taking over general or special areas such as payroll or administrative accounting in accordance with the Turkish legislation.


Great People Our experienced staff help our clients meet critical objectives and take advantage of opportunities.  Clients reap the benefit of a superior solution for completing important work.


Great Clients We provide highly skilled, experienced professionals to help clients deal with a wide variety of business issues. We deliver a consistently reliable accounting resource solution to satisfy  our valuable customers.

Start up Assistance

Businesses intending to establish themselves in Turkey need to structure their activities appropriately. AB-STB advises on the different options available in order to help organizations decide on the most suitable options for the business and its future plans in the region.

The aim of our consultancy is to develop a concept tailored to your needs. Some areas we can assist you in are:

  • Tax Consulting for Expatriates and Foreigner Companies
  • Accounting
  • Annual Settlement and Tax Declaration
  • Quarter-end Accounts
  • Social Insurance
  • Assistance with work permits and residence permits
  • Payroll Management
  • Financial reporting according to client’s specific forms and requirements – monthly, quarterly, yearly
  • Handling all type of daily financial issues
  • Management consulting on daily tax and financial issues
    • Income Tax
    • Corporate Tax
    • Value Added Tax (VAT)
    • Tax Planing
  • Venue finding
  • Payroll Management
  • Partner research in complementary business fields

Our experience is the result of a 25-year cooperation with leading market players, especially German companies in the region

This included all tax matters, cross-border transactions, cross-border payments of management, the entire human resource and social security management as well as consultation of the parent companies

The entire human resources and social security is done by us. And we discussed all business issues  with the parent company


Payroll and Human Resources

We specialize in providing outsource payroll services and other personal issues like social insurance in Turkey. We offer payroll and payroll related services, plus oversee social security operations in Turkey.

We also offer payroll, social security and withholding tax services for the expatriate staff of foreign investors.
We help for permission of work and residence of foreigner investors.

Financial Accounting

We can advise you as a local tax adviser about the legal requirements and conditions of the bookkeeping and accounting in Turkey. Furthermore, we offer you to take your accounting completely or in parts (eg payroll) to assist you in preparing the financial statements. Our financial advisory services are provided by our expert staff regarding any financial problems faced by the company or taxpayer

We provide the following services;

- Accounting
- Tax consultancy
- Tax return
- Management accounting
- Reporting
- Dunning
- Cash management
- Training your staff

Advisory Services

We are here to help you on any issues concerning commercial and legal matters which you require to start or enlarge your business in Turkey. To support you in day-to-day business activities we take over general or special areas such as the relation with governmental agencies or payroll or administrative accounting in accordance with the Turkish regulation.